Start Planning Your Adult Pool Party Today!

Posted on: 30 December 2014

It is never too early to begin planning the first pool party of the year. Early planning allows you to pay close attention to the details and spread the expense over several weeks. Here, you will get a few ideas to help you plan the best pool party blow out of your life.

Save the Date

With so many people planning vacations and events, it is never too early to send out a save the date card to your guests. This card should include the date and place of the party, as well as a general idea of what to expect. Tell the guests that it will be an adult themed pool party. This will help them reserve the date and begin working to find child care for their kids.

Tip: Get creative with this. Instead of using cardstock, pick up some miniature beach balls, inflate them and write the information on them. Deflate them, stuff them in envelopes and mail them to your friends. It is a great way to boost the excitement when the notice is opened.


A few weeks or a month before the party, send out an invitation to each guest. Again, include the date and location of the party, but this time also include a time and any further details you have about the party. Provide your email address and phone number to make it easy for your guests to RSVP.


Planning the entertainment ahead of time will help you gather everything that you need without stressing. A few entertainment ideas include:

Consider setting up a few things outside of the pool for the guests that are not real interested in getting in the pool. A few poolside ideas include:

  • Poker table
  • Beer pong table on land
  • Dance floor
  • Karaoke
  • Horse shoes


Keep with the pool theme by planning for frozen drinks for your guests. If you do not have the fancy frozen drink glasses, start looking on the online classifieds for cheap ones. Often, people buy these things for weddings or other celebrations and sell them once the party is over, making it possible for you to pick them up very cheap.


Since the alcohol will be flowing for your party, be sure to have at least a few people willing to stay sober for the night. These are the people that will help ensure that the accidents are limited, that nobody drowns and that everyone gets home safely. Providing your guests with a safe ride home is probably the most important part of planning. You want your party to be unforgettable because of the great times that were had, not because a dear friend lost his life on the way home after.

Your adult pool party can be awesome. Start planning today and let your creative side loose. You and your closest friends can create memories that will last a lifetime in the first pool party of the season.