Jewelry Tips: Find The Perfect Jewelry Box For Your Pieces

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Your jewelry is special and deserves an equally special jewelry box. But how do you know which jewelry box is right for your jewelry pieces? Believe it or not, jewelry boxes are made to protect your jewelry pieces in more ways than you think. The following should help you find the right jewelry box for your needs and help you understand why you need one.

Why Box-Less Jewelry Is In Danger

Most precious metals are in trouble when you leave them out in the elements. The following are just some of the dangers a box will protect your jewelry from:

  1. Tarnish is the first thing that a box will protect your jewelry from. Most precious metals have trouble with moisture, air pollutants and oxygen in general. Tarnishing occurs due to a chemical reaction that manifests on the metal with the mixture of air, moisture, air pollutants or other substances. 
  2. Scratches are another danger and reason why jewelry must be stored in separate containers. You should make it a priority to keep diamonds away from your precious metal because diamonds are one of the hardest substances on our planet, so they will cause the most damage to your pieces. 
  3. Most precious metals, especially gold, are malleable and can be bent or even broken. A good box will protect your jewelry from damage of this nature. 

As you can see, finding a box for your jewelry pieces is of the utmost importance. The following is a guide that can help you find the right jewelry box for your needs.

Finding The Right Jewelry Box

To find what you need, just follow the guide below:

  1. A good jewelry box should be lined with a very soft cloth, such as microfiber. Microfiber will keep your pieces looking beautiful. This fabric is not as rough as other fabrics, which may scratch the surface of your jewelry.
  2. Be sure that the fabric contains anti-corroding properties. That means that it should be able to effectively absorb moisture and other chemicals. Make sure that your jewelry box is lined with anti-corroding fabric. Your jewelry box provider may also know the material as anti-tarnishing fabric.
  3. Make sure that the box does not contain any adhesives, as those could contain sulfur and other corroding agents. You can also look for jewelry boxes that have not been chemically treated. 

As you can see, you can take good care of your pieces with the right jewelry box. Besides, most jewelry boxes are designed quite beautifully and should be fun to shop for.