When Grim Grinning Ghosts Invade Your Gift Basket

Posted on: 6 January 2015

In 1963, visitors to California's Disneyland noticed a newly erected sign hanging on the gate outside the mysterious and foreboding mansion that seemingly had appeared overnight: "Notice! All ghosts and restless spirits: post-lifetime leases now available in this Haunted Mansion." As rumors and attention continued to build in the following months regarding this new attraction, guests in the park eagerly awaited opening day-- a day that (due to the death of Walt Disney) would not actually occur until six years later. As Walt's brother Roy Disney opened the gates to Walt Disney World in Florida in 1971, a sister Haunted Mansion was built to thrill guests on the other side of the country. In the 43 years since the opening day of Walt Disney World, the Haunted Mansion has captivated the hearts of guests across the globe. Since the Mansion is ripe with intricate design and detail, it's easy to fill a gift basket with grim grinning ghosts for your loved one's birthday:

"Only Ghost Stories, of Course"

As any true Haunted Mansion fan knows, the library within is "well-stocked with priceless first editions." In the mortal world, a fan of the Mansion can find an enormous stockpile of books related to the dark attraction. From history books detailing all of the specifics of the design of the ride and comic books concerning the backstories of the 999 ghostly inhabitants of the estate to colorful books of artwork inspired by the Mansion, there are plenty of priceless pages that any fan would shriek over finding in a gift basket.

"Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts"

Even an individual riding the Haunted Mansion for the first time will clearly remember its final inhabitants before departing your doom buggy: the hitchhiking ghosts. As the years have passed, the hitchhikers have gone from simply appearing next you in your buggy to (currently) playing a variety of ghostly pranks on guests. Because these three troublemakers are so iconic, there are plenty of souvenir items featuring their smiling faces. From expert artwork to trading pins and plush toys, the hitchhiking ghosts come in all shapes and forms for all ages.

"A Ghost Will Follow You Home"

While you may only be able to travel to Disney World's Magic Kingdom during rare vacation getaways, the eerie magic of the Haunted Mansion can follow you home. The attraction claims that a grim grinning member of the mansion will follow you home after your departure, and you have the power to make that possible by investing in the countless collectible trinkets, books, and souvenirs for the Haunted Mansion fan in your home. As you sit in the comfort of your own home, enjoy the cadaverous pallor of your collection, but don't stay away from the Mansion for too long... the ghosts would like your company.