Parting With An Unwanted Engagement Ring

Posted on: 12 January 2015

An engagement ring is a sign of commitment, love, and devotion. When given to a woman at the proposal of marriage, it symbolizes the promise of endless love and happiness. But as with any promise, it can be broken. And whether the love ends before or after saying "I do," you could be left with an unwanted engagement ring. Rather than symbolizing love and devotion, the unwanted ring could now stir bitter memories of fighting, cheating, or pain. But what can be done with an engagement ring after the love is gone? Here are some real world answers to a complicated, and often taboo, problem. 

For a Man 

If you are the one who purchased the ring and were rejected upon proposal or sometime before the wedding, you may end up with a ring you hoped was meant for someone else. If the breakup wasn't so toxic that your ring ended up in the local pond, you can most likely take it back to the jeweler who sold you the ring. Here are a few reasons why you would not be able to take the ring back:

1. If the ring was custom ordered or altered, you may not be eligible for a refund. Customizations may include engravings, altering the setting, or changing the ring in any way.

2. If the ring is damaged. This should be obvious. 

3. If the ring is a special order or especially rare item, the return policy may not apply.

When purchasing the ring, it is wise to check the return policy. Even if doing so makes you feel less committed to the relationship, you have to be ready for any possibility.

Alternatively, you could hang onto the ring because you will probably meet someone else someday. Just make sure she doesn't find out that the ring wasn't originally for her.

For a Woman

If you or your partner calls off an engagement, you should definitely give the ring back (assuming your partner paid for the ring). If seeing their face is too much for you, send it in the mail or with a friend. If you happen to still have the ring after a divorce, you can sell it for cash. Pawn shops, online classifieds, and some jewelers are great places to cash in the unwanted jewelry. Make sure you have the original paperwork with the ring to ensure you get exactly what you deserve. This paperwork should include the clarity, color, carat specifications, and other specs for your diamond. 

If you do try to sell the diamond, don't get caught up in the taboo of selling an unwanted engagement ring. Relationships fail sometimes, it happens to everyone. Be confident and try to remove yourself from the emotion of the relationship and focus on the financial transaction.

When purchasing an engagement ring from a jewelry store, such as Jackson Jewelers, be sure to get informed about return policies and coverages.