Lawn Tools You Should Rent Instead Of Buying

Posted on: 15 January 2015

Basic lawn tools are good to own, such as lawnmowers and string trimmers, but you don't need to rush out and buy every single tool you could ever possibly need. These common but infrequent lawn chores are made easier with the right tools, but renting is usually a better option than buying.


A healthy lawn requires periodic aeration. Good, loose soil only requires aerating every two years, while dense clay benefits from annual aeration. Aerating pulls up plugs of soil, which allows nutrients and water to better soak in for the grassroots. Although there are several small aeration hand tools you can easily store, these are only suitable for small areas. For a large lawn, it's better to rent a large core aerator. Since this is only an infrequent chore, there's no need to invest in and find storage for one.


Thatch is the layer of dead grass and organic matter that builds up on top of the soil. A thin 1/2-inch layer of thatch is good for your lawn – it acts like a mulch and helps retain moisture. A layer thicker than this does the opposite, though. It will form a mat that doesn't allow water to penetrate through.

How often you dethatch depends on how quickly the grass decomposes and how much leaf litter falls onto your lawn. Some lawns rarely need dethatching, while others require it once a year. Small, inexpensive dethatching rakes are worth purchasing if you only have a small area that require infrequent treatment. For bigger jobs, rent a mechanical dethatcher to make the job quicker and less labor intensive.

Renovation Tools

Whether you are laying new sod or reseeding, the right tools make the job easier and ensure it's done properly. A full lawn renovation is usually a one-time job, so there's no need to buy expensive tools to get it done. The type of tools you need depends on how you are renovating and the extent of the job.

  • Sod cutters make short work of pulling up old sod. You can use them to clear an area for a garden bed or to remove the old lawn if you want to start fresh.
  • A power tiller is necessary if you will be loosening and working amendments into a large section of soil before add the sod or seed.
  • Seed spreaders are a must if you are reseeding the lawn. You can rent and overseeder, a plain rotary spreader, or a hydroseeder. Hydroseeding quickly spreads the seed, which is mixed with water and mulch, over a large area. The moisture speeds germination.
  • Lawn rollers are a must when laying sod. These water-filled cylinders are rolled over the lawn, which helps level the sod and ensures it has good contact with the soil beneath.

When beginning any lawn project, it's a good idea to check the rental options before investing in an expensive and bulky tool you may only need to use once. This can keep your project more affordable while freeing up storage space. Visit a rental service like White Bear Rental for more options.