Why You Need A Gemologist To Know The Value Of A Diamond

Posted on: 16 January 2015

It is very difficult to assess the true value of a diamond. Even when taking into consideration the size, dimension and the number of cuts, it is hard to assess how well the diamond will respond to light and its overall quality. Diamond experts can't even determine whether the diamond was cut well based only on the figures. There are certain techniques that diamond cutters can use that can make the diamond look great on paper, but an expert would need to examine the diamond more closely to verify the quality of the cut. When having the diamond examined by an expert, make sure that this expert is a gemologist.

The Cut

The factor that most greatly influences the quality of the diamond is the cut. Other factors, such as the color of the diamond, play a much smaller role. However, how much the individual diamond store will factor in the cut and how much it will factor in other features is much more varied. A good portion of the diamonds on the market are poorly cut, which reduces the brilliance of the diamond. It will also be more likely to break.

The Clarity

Other features that will affect the value of the diamond include the diamond's clarity. In the world of diamonds, clarity does not refer to the property of being clear. Instead, clarity refers to the microscopic features that are found in the diamond at the time that it crystallized. If the clarity is visible to the naked eye, this can affect the value of the diamond. Otherwise, it will not have an effect.

Consulting with a Gemologist

When you purchase a diamond, make sure that you only purchase the diamond from a certified gemologist. While diamond stores are not legally required to be gemologists, those who are certified have proven that they have the knowledge necessary to assess the value of a diamond. The quality of the diamonds should not be based on certificates provided by laboratories because there are some that provide inflated grades to make the diamonds appear more valuable.

Diamonds usually have a minimum price unless you are purchasing from a private seller. Diamonds purchased in overseas exchanges are usually bought and sold using U.S. dollars. The world price on rough diamonds is fixed at a set price. Therefore, other countries will not be selling diamonds for a lower price. Your best option is to simply find a diamond store with a certified gemologist at a place like Diamond District