How To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget

Posted on: 18 March 2015

As the weather begins to get warmer, your thoughts may turn to long summer days and nights spent relaxing with friends and family on your patio. If you want to overhaul your outdoor space but can't afford new patio furniture, you can breathe new life into it with a few simple decorating techniques. You can transform a tired-looking patio into an eye-catching retreat you'll love spending time in without draining your wallet. The key to doing this is to choose items that are both decorative and inviting, and that can work double-duty in the space.

Here are budget-friendly tips for revamping your patio this spring and summer:

1. Give the Space a Tropical Punch 

If you'd rather be relaxing on a tropical island than in your backyard, you can at least feel like you're there with the right decor. if your have neutral-colored patio furniture, brighten it up with outdoor pillows in shades of bright pink, turquoise or banana yellow. Visit a furniture store like Patio Shoppes of Coral Springs & The Palm Beaches to get some ideas. You can also choose textiles featuring island-inspired designs, such as palm trees, tropical fish, shells and pineapples. 

A brightly-colored inexpensive plastic side table will add even more interest, as well as serve as a place to hold drinks and small plates of food. Potted tropical plants will also bring a touch of the islands to your home.

2. Add Lighting Elements

Not only will lighting elements give the patio space a soft glow at night, they'll also add a bit of visual interest during the day. Some lighting ideas include hanging paper Chinese lanterns or rustic wrought iron lanterns that feature either candles or LED lights. You can also place candles or lanterns on tables for evening outdoor dining.

As another inexpensive lighting option, wrap string lights around any railings or even nearby trees to create a warm look when it gets dark. You can also update the lights to reflect a particular season or holiday, such as red, white and blue lights for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.

3. Decorate with Plants and Flowers

Play up the patio's outdoor location by enhancing it with plants and flowers. Not only will they thrive in the warm sun, they'll instantly brighten the space and give it a relaxing feel. If you love to cook, create a container herb garden featuring culinary spices such as basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme. 

Other ideas include a "wall" of large, potted plants to create a sense of privacy, hanging flowering vines, and vases of fresh-picked garden flowers on patio tables.