Understanding "Shabby Chic" Before You Shop Any Shabby Chic Decor For Sale

Posted on: 25 May 2015

In the last decade, a new interest in all things old and worn has surfaced in the home decorating world. The new style, termed "shabby chic" for its shabby appearance but chic antique look, is available in many retail chains as well as boutique stores.  If you want to shop shabby chic decor for sale prices, here is what you need to look for.

Weather-Worn Wooden Furniture

All shabby chic wooden furniture has that weather-worn look, like it was new when someone put it outside for years and then brought it into the house. The only difference between actually putting furniture outside to survive heat, humidity, the bleaching rays of the sun, rain, freezing cold and/or ice and snow is that furniture makers created this look on wood furniture on purpose in the factory. Placing furniture outside to get this look would only result in heavily damaged, easily broken and unusable furniture. Leave the shabby chic process to the professionals and then buy as much as you like.

Soft, Pale Prints

When any print is used for shabby chic decor, it is usually a very soft, pale, pastel and antique-looking print. Florals are common, but thin stripes are used too. Baby blue, pink and white are the most common shabby chic decor colors. Anything other than these prints or colors sold as shabby chic, and you may want to back right out of the store. (Shabby chic does not use bright colors or geometric prints and the retailer who promotes them as shabby chic clearly has no idea what this design style is.)

Lace, Crochet and Wrinkles

Remember when permanently wrinkled shirts were the "in" thing? Well, creases and wrinkles are not exactly permanent in shabby chic linens and upholstery, but you should not iron them out when you see them either. The whole point to this style is to make your decor look lived-in, old-fashioned and comfortable. That is why there are wrinkles, lace and crochet in all of the shabby chic linens and in some of the furniture too.

High-Pile Quilted Items

Thick comforters and quilted towels that follow shabby chic's defining design rules are also allowed in this type of decor. The quilted motifs in towels are, again, mostly floral, but the quilted comforters are very basic in their quilting design. If you enjoy a thick, down-filled comforter and high-pile quilted towels, then shabby chic is an ideal decorating motif for you.