Dog Hair On The Carpet Stinking Up Your Home When Vacuuming? 4 Things You Can Do

Posted on: 24 July 2015

If you have a dog in your house that sheds a lot, your vacuum cleaner picks up a lot of the hair as you are vacuuming. This can result in your home having a bad odor when you finish vacuuming. Below are things you can do to help your home smell better. 

Clean It Out

One thing that may happen is the dog hair may get wrapped around the end of the brush roll, which pulls the brush towards the bearing. The friction of the bearing against the hair can create a burning type smell. The brush roll is the brush that spins as you are vacuuming your floor.

Before you vacuum, turn your vacuum cleaner upside down, and look at the brush roll for any signs of hair. If you find any, remove it. If you cannot find the brush roll, look in the manual that came with your vacuum cleaner for this information. Once the hair is removed, try vacuuming to see if you still smell the bad smell.

Put Sodium Bicarbonate on the Floor

Sprinkle sodium bicarbonate over the floor, wait a few hours, and then vacuum. This sodium works well because it reacts with substances that have a bad odor. When this reaction takes place, it removes the odor from your home. You can find sodium bicarbonate at grocery stores and home supply stores.

Vacuum up Dryer Sheets

Put a couple of dryer sheets on your floor and vacuum them up as you are vacuuming your floor. Dryer sheets are scented, and the scent goes into the vacuum bag, and then the scent is released into your home giving it a nice smell.

Use Scented Candles

Purchase some scented candles and light them up before you start vacuuming.  Make sure the candles give off a strong smell, and has a smell that lasts a long time. 

If you do not want to purchase candles, you can make your own with paraffin wax. You can purchase this paraffin candle wax at a craft store.  Making your own allows you to use just about any fragrance you want.  You can also mix fragrances to create unique smells for your home.  The fragrances are usually in oil form, and how much you add depends on the size of your candle, and how much fragrance you want.  This may take some trial and error, but you will have fun playing around with it.

It will also help to remove as much of the hair as you can before you start vacuuming. Sprinkle some water on a sponge mop, move the mop across the floor, and the hair will stick to the sponge. This process may not remove all of the hair, but it will remove a lot of it.