Late Summer Revival: Tips For Making Fading Flowers And Plants Look Good

Posted on: 14 September 2015

As the summer season fades and autumn approaches, you may notice your summer flowers and plants looking scraggly, spindly, and unattractive. The containers and pots that were once overflowing with beautiful blooms and greenery all summer appear drab and lifeless.

This happens for several reasons. As plants grow, containers can become overcrowded. The vigorous plants will crowd out the less vigorous ones. Months of exposure to hot temperatures can also take a toll on flowers and plants.

You don't have to watch helplessly as your plants succumb to their end-of-season demise. With a little extra attention you can keep your plants and flowers looking good into the early fall season.

Keep them hydrated

It happens to even the most avid gardeners. After months of giving your plants your full attention, you may start to get a little careless as the summer season fades. Make sure you are watering your plants adequately. Fading plants need extra hydration, especially if the summer temperatures have been excessively hot.

Keep up with grooming

Consistent grooming should continue for the life of plants and flowers. Make sure you are deadheading and trimming off all the dead leaves and flowers. No matter how late it is in the season, your plants will still benefit from having dead foliage removed.

Feed them well

Annual flowers and plants still require fertilizer when they begin to fade. It's not too late to feed plants if this is an area that has been neglected. A slow-release fertilizer can give plants the energy they need to produce additional blooms and leaf growth.

Purchase unique flower pots and planters

One of the fastest ways to add a new look to your plants is to purchase new flower pots and planters. Look for unique pots and planters online or in your local garden center. Containers in bold colors are perfect for adding a pop of color to your fading plants and flowers.

Take advantage of clearance sales. The end of the summer is the best time to purchase new pots and planters as many stores run clearance sales on summer gardening items.

Add new plants

If a flower or plant is beyond revival, consider replacing it. Simply adding a few new plants to the existing ones can be enough to liven things up. While your selection of plants won't be the greatest late in the season, garden centers often carry a few varieties at discounted prices.

If you want to keep summer alive a little longer, giving your plants and flowers a little extra attention is all that's required. You can enjoy the beauty of vibrant blooms and healthy plants as summer fades into fall.

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