Successfully Growing Indoor Plants

Posted on: 21 October 2015

If you love seeing plants grow and bloom, do not restrict your gardening to the spring and summer months. Enjoy beautiful indoor plants all year long by following a few expert suggestions. If you do, your home will soon be full of thriving plant life during all seasons.


You have many attractive planter options available to you. When you shop for planters, you do need to keep several things in mind. First, your life will be simpler and your plants healthier if the bottom of your planter has a hole or holes that allow excess water to drain. Overwatering has killed many a plant, so proper drainage is essential. If you have a planter that does not have a drainage hole, you can add gravel to the bottom of the container to help keep your plant from drowning. Find planters that suit your personal taste and decor needs; for example, a peacock teacup planter provides and elegant look.


Choosing the right plant for your home's lighting conditions is important. Determine how much sun the different areas in your home get each day and choose your plants accordingly. If you want to grow a rose, realize that it needs full sun for six hours a day. Most plants have labels that describe their light needs, but if you have questions, do some research online. You can easily find a variety of plants that will work in your home. 

You will need to check your plants periodically to make certain they are getting the right amount of light. If the leaves have irregular white spots on them, your plant is getting too much sun. If your plants get too tall and "leggy" from trying to reach the sun, they are not getting enough light. 


Improperly watering your plants is a death sentence for them. Unfortunately, different plants need different amounts of water, so no one method will suffice. You will have to read the watering instructions for each variety and then practice trial and error until you find the optimum water level for each plant. If the leaves of your plant grow slowly, drop early, or turn brittle and brown, you are probably underwatering. If young leaves drop, mold develops on the bloom, and roots turn brown and soft, you are overwatering your charge. 

You can keep your home bright and cheerful all year long by growing a variety of indoor plants. You will need to carefully choose your planters and plant variety. Also, learning to water your plants correctly is vital to their health. With a little practice, you will soon have a house blooming and brimming with plant life.