Tips For The New Parent: Shopping For Your Baby Girl

Posted on: 20 December 2015

Did an ultrasound reveal that your first child is a girl? It is important to get a wardrobe prepared in advance for your newborn, and being strategic about clothing choices can come in handy when you are a new parent. In this article, find tips for buying your baby girl clothing that she can wear after birth.

Make Sure the Clothing is Easy to Put On & Remove

As a new parent, it can be stressful worrying about harming your fragile newborn while getting her dressed. While you may want to dress your girl in fancy, complicated outfits, it is more important to buy baby girl boutique clothing that can be easily slipped over your daughter's head. You may want to stay away from turtleneck shirts until your baby gets a little older, but if you want a few due to cold weather, make sure the neck area is much larger than your baby's head.

When it comes to bottoms, you should invest in clothing that has snaps on them. For instance, instead of having to pull pants off of your newborn, you will be able to simply unsnap them (which is handy during diaper changes as well).

Be Strategic About Daytime & Nighttime Clothing

You must keep in mind that babies love to sleep a lot when they are first born. You may want to buy a few one-piece outfits for your newborn's wardrobe. The outfits can look cute during the day when your baby is awake and will also provide comfort when he or she takes naps. One-piece outfits are also a great way to keep your baby warm without having to cover her up with a blanket all of the time. The warmth and closeness of a one-piece outfit against your baby's body might help her sleep better by creating a swaddled sensation. Just make sure the one-piece outfits will allow easy diaper access (snaps, zippers, etc.).

Try to Determine the Right Clothing Size Before Birth

The perfect fit for each newborn can vary based on birth weight, so make sure your clothing choices are not based on the label saying "newborn." You can get a good idea of what size your newborn will wear by getting an ultrasound done close to your delivery date. Your physician will tell you how much the baby is likely to weigh, and you can then purchase clothing based on the weight estimate. Keep your baby girl stylish and comfortable after birth, while also making sure that the dressing process is not difficult for you as a new parent!