• 3 Things To Know About Selling Your Jewelry For Cash

    If you have some valuable jewelry lying around and need extra cash, you have a few options for selling it. However, before heading to the closest gold buyer, it helps to know a little more about how jewelry is valued and where you can sell it. Gold Jewelry is Sold by Quality and Weight There are two things anyone buying gold jewelry is going to look for: its quality and its weight. [Read More]

  • Parting With An Unwanted Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring is a sign of commitment, love, and devotion. When given to a woman at the proposal of marriage, it symbolizes the promise of endless love and happiness. But as with any promise, it can be broken. And whether the love ends before or after saying "I do," you could be left with an unwanted engagement ring. Rather than symbolizing love and devotion, the unwanted ring could now stir bitter memories of fighting, cheating, or pain. [Read More]

  • Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Flame Resistant Clothing

    In an industrial setting, flame resistant clothing provides a valuable layer of protection that is hard to beat because it is the first line of defense between the skin and an open flame. For how many people who wear this clothing on a daily basis, it's surprising that many still have no idea how this clothing works or what it is capable of doing. Whether it is a pair of trousers or a fire resistant smock, you most likely have a few questions floating around about fire resistance. [Read More]